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Verovian Consultancy Limited works to Crown Commercial Service (CCS), Health Trust Europe (HTE) and London Procurement Project (LPP) Framework Agreements standard. This means that all agency workers that are placed with our agency need to be up to date on the latest training and guidelines.

We work closely with Healthier Business Limited UK for all Mandatory Training. Healthier Business adheres to strict government guidelines to make sure that you have the most up to date and relevant training required.

You will be sent e-mail from Healthier Business with log in details. You can log in here:

At Verovian, we started out as a locum agency and we have established good relationships with high street chains, supermarket and independent companies. We welcome all pharmacy and optical professionals.

We negotiate the best rate for our locums. Whether you prefer a clinically challenging store or as a newly qualified, you prefer a quiet store to ease into community locuming, we tailor our services to your individual needs. Our online diary is of such quality as you would expect from Verovian. Contact us to start filling your free gaps straight away.

Its all about you at Verovian, taking care of the minor details to enable you to do what you do best, providing excellent pharmaceutical services.

Whether you are a full time locum or if you work part time to fit around your commitments, we work hard to fulfill your individual requirements. We work closely with all our service providers to develop a full understanding of their needs and look after them with care and attention to detail, thus guaranteeing that we deliver measurable results every time.

We pride ourselves in providing excellent service and our unique approach in resourcing for permanent position is second to none. We listen to your individual need and provide solutions that meets your personal requirement. Advise us of your specific requirement and let us start doing the work on your behalf. We offer free ‘no obligation whatsoever’ advice to our healthcare professional to assist you to secure your unique position of interest. Our services to you include:

  • Sourcing relevant position tailored to your individual requirement.
  • CV preparation and review.
  • Pre and post interview analysis.
  • Indepth employer briefings.
  • Remuneration negotiation.
  • Post placement care.
  • Compliance and legal resources.

Visit the relevant page to your profession to view our current vacancy. If you require more information, get in touch with us

At Verovian Consultancy, we understand how hardworking healthcare professionals are and we pride ourselves in negotiating the best rate for our candidates. We aim to seek out for as many opportunity for you so you are always in placement whenever you have gaps in your diary. We aim to pass most of our savings on to you to show appreciation for your business and to ensure transparency in all your dealings with us.

We aim to work according to your personal preference and we are contactable via landline, mobile phone, sms, email and apps from iphone and android platforms. We can broadcast our availability to you in your fields through these means to ensure you are always up to date with any openings that might be of interests to you.

There are four main set up for payments available to our contract/temporary candidates. The option you choose is totally up to you. Our consultants are available to advise you if you need further help deciding on these.

1. PAYE - Pay As You Earn This is the most popular option with our candidates as Verovian Consultancy is directly responsible for paying your national insurance, employment tax and holiday pay contributions. This means you do not have to worry about this and weekly payslips will be issued to you when you work with us

2. Self Employed - With this option, you are responsible for your national insurance and employment tax payment. You may need an accountant to help set this up initially

3. Limited Company - This is quite tricky to set up properly and accurately and the services of an accountant may be needed. However, it may be the most financially rewarding option depending on your individual circumstance. You are responsible for your own national insurance, holiday pay, employment tax and company tax payment

4. Umbrella Company - You may join the services of an umbrella company who will take care of your payments for you. At Verovian Consultancy, we can set this up with a third party company for you to best maximise your earnings if you decide this is the route you prefer


We actively seek regular feedback from our clients and candidates. We will pass on any feedback we receive about you so you can have your say and also respond as the need may be. This ensures you know the positive sides of you our clients are excited about and also you will be made aware if there are any room for improvement. 

Once you register with us, you can access our online documents such as Terms and Condition of operation specific to your field, Health Questionnaire, Occupational Health information, DBS information, Mandatory training, Professional References, your online diary to update us of your bookings and many more information you may need to assist you along providing your best services to your patients.

As part of our compliance agreement with our clients, we cannot complete your full registration with Verovian Consultancy until you provide us with the crucial information we require such as proof of address, proof of identification, eligibility to work in the UK, professional registration and references. We understand these may sound a lot but our compliance team are at hand to ensure these processes are smooth for you. Do not hesitate to contact us of the various ways we can accommodate your busy schedule and support you to be compliant with us. Do not shy away. Get in touch with us to discuss any concerns you may have



 Tablet App | Mobile App | SMS | Phonecall | Social Media 

Click here to our Mobile APP page for the link to download via itunes [iOS devices] or google play [Android devices]

We understand no two placements are the same and we thrive to understand your preferred mode of communication whilst on assignment if there is a need to contact you - this may be for new bookings, bookings update or general information. Once you are registered with us, we note your preferred method either via phonecall, sms, diary update, app messages, social media and more. This is to ensure we do not interrupt you when you would rather we did not. Our mobile recruitment software was built as we understand locums are almost always on the go and to ensure you can complete a booking un-interrupted, update compliance details, switch on/off your availablity and many more. Register with us today to maximise the services we have to offer. 


Do you like our services to you? Recommend us to your colleagues and we will reward you with £200 for anyone who is registered with us through you, provided they have worked with Verovian for up to 200 hours. There is no limit to the number of people you can refer to us, so start earning some bonus treats straight away!


  • Q: How well do I have to know the colleague I am referring?
  • A: Well enough to ask the colleague to ring us or pass on their contact details for us to get in touch with them


  • Q: When will I receive my bonus reward?
  • A: As soon as the referred colleague completes a minimum of 200 hours or worked with us continuously for 12 weeks


  • Q: Should I feel bad about receiving reward by referring a friend?
  • A: No, You are helping them source a position best suited for them and introducing them to work for us in an organisation that best suits them. It is a win-win situation. If it makes you feel any better, you can opt to share your reward with them


  • Q: Is there a limit to the number of referral bonus I can earn?
  • A: NO. Refer as many colleague as you can and as soon as they are placed, and they complete their minimum time, you will be rewarded with your bonus fee for EACH of them



Go on, treat yourself on US!! - Refer a friend or colleague and earn £200 per successful* referral

Simply leave your friend's details here and as soon as they complete four weeks placement with us or on confirmation of a permanent job offer with Verovian Consultancy  we'll pay you £200, subject to statutory deductions.

The more you refer, the more you earn. There is also no limit to the number of colleagues you can recommend, so simply fill out the form below and forward on your details. We will be in touch with you both shortly.

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